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Scenic Design

Michigan Scenic Studio has talented creative minds at the helm and we here to help you expand on your existing designs or work with you from the ground up. With our years of experience we can help you maximize your budget to insure you get the most ROI possible.


Michigan Scenic Studio offers expert woodworking services dedicated to durable, long life pieces that withstand grueling climate changes, heavy traffic guest experiences and multi-year tours.  All our pieces are created in-house by our talented craftspeople with decades of experience.


Metalworking & Welding

At Michigan Scenic Studio, we have the tools and knowledge to complete a multitude of complex metal fabrication and welding projects. Just like our wood shop, the metal shop has the experience and dedication to build wild creations that last.

Lighting & Automation

Here at Michigan Scenic Studio, we love challenges and the opportunity to create unique and memorable experiences. With creative lighting solutions and expert automation skills, the possibilities are endless in creating lasting impressions with your projects at Michigan Scenic Studio.

CNC Router Services

At Michigan Scenic Studio, we love putting our exceptional custom CNC router services to work! Our machines are capable of running everything from massive production runs to unique one-off 3-D carvings in an array of materials. Click here to see some of our past projects. 


Installation & Warehousing

Michigan Scenic Studio travels near and far to install the creations we fabricate with pride, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Need somewhere to keep your set or props till next time? We have ample climate controlled storage to accommodate!

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